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Hugh's keynote presentations are an ideal way to energize and motivate you and your team.
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Hugh works directly with leaders to design and achieve powerful goals.
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Hugh is author of books, multiple articles and audio workshops on Transformational Leadership.
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Learn effective strategies for transformational leadership from your home or office.
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The Definitive Leader:

Four principles for transforming your organization and your teams

This presentation turns managers into effective leaders. Walk away with concrete ideas and new leadership tools that can be immediately applied to your situation. Hugh's track record for transforming leaders is unparalleled.

What you will learn:
  • Strategies for focusing your leadership skills
  • Models for building high performance teams
  • Systems for delivering results ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Processes for getting maximum results from team meetings
  • Methods for achieving team ownership for your vision and goals
  • Solutions for success!
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About Hugh

Hugh Ballou teaches leaders around the globe how to build synergy with teams and how to build effective processes that bring success to any organization - no matter how big or how small. He brings a wealth of experience as a prominent conductor of musical ensembles to his innovative leadership approach.

He is author of multiple books on Transformational Leadership and works as executive coach, process facilitator, and strategist. As a powerful motivational speaker, he teaches the fine art of leadership employed every day by musical conductors.