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This book is a short course in Transformational Leadership from the unique perspective of a professional church musician. This PDF of the book is provided in a 5x8 size.
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This is a companion workbook for Moving Spirits, Building Lives: Church Musician as Transformational Leader. When these two books are used together, the reader has a full program of resources for developing and implementing Transformational Leadership strategies. Even though these books were written from the perspective of a church musician, the techniques and methods are universally applicable for any leader in any organization no matter what the mission or size of the organization.
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Building High Powered Teams Cover
This leadership book is for leaders striving to transform organizations. It is merely a leadership book, it is "leadership toolbox" that is readily available and can be implemented right away. The forms and templates come with permission to copy and can be utilized without much preparation. This comprehensive guide to high performance in the workplace comes with life-long updates, planning templates and a CD full of valuable resources.
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The key to transformation is different for each individual, group, or organization. Hugh Ballou has brought together a collection of over 20 articles and stories from individuals who have experienced real life transformations of themselves or their institution. The inspiration offered from the words will enlist a sense of hope and perseverance during difficult times of change. Discover inspiration and transformation through the struggles of other leaders!
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Goals Process Sub-Heading

This article includes strategies and templates for developing and implementing highly effective goals crucial to Transformational Leaders. The goals are for the leader first, then for the organization. Permission is granted to the purchaser to copy the templates for personal use. (15 pages)
Creating Healthy Teams Sub-Heading

Dealing with conflict in the workplace is stressful at best. This article gives leaders background to deal with conflict and is divided into four sections: Diagnostic, Prescriptive, Preventive and Resources. (11 Pages)
Taking Command of Time Sub-Heading

If your day runs out and you still have work left over, then this is a resource you will find helpful. Included are tips and techniques for planning, monitoring, gatekeeping and structuring the workday. Templates are provided for tracking time use and spotting time robbers.
Empowering Teams Sub-Heading
Nothing kills team spirit faster that boring, unproductive meetings. Here are Hugh's best techniques for conducting productive meetings. This comes with templates for planning meetings and for making decisions. (9 Pages)
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Solving Conflict Sub-Heading

You will learn:
  • How to create team guidelines
  • Ways to clarify expectations
  • Understanding that not agreeing is a tool to build consensus
  • Design techniques for creative brainstorming that builds community
  • Ways to focus the groups energy on the critical factors
  • How to design models for creative decision-making and problem solving
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Setting and Achieving Goals Sub-Heading
You will learn:
  • Why written goals are so critical
  • How to implement SMART guidelines
  • How to effectively set and share goals
  • How to lead a comprehensive goals process
  • How to design an effective action plan
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