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This blog series appears on Tuesdays, and focuses on resources that I use as I pace my ability to continually strive for my greatest effectiveness. Leaders get things done. In order to accomplish this objective, it’s important to have the necessary skills and systems in place. I have tried many things over many years and have settled on what’s simple, reliable, and consistent.

Each resource will appear under one or more of my four leadership principles:
  1. Foundations: Clarity of purpose and outcomes, and equipping oneself for excellence;
  2. Relationships: Building and maintaining healthy and effective relationships;
  3. Systems: Tools and processes for leading and empowering transformation; and
  4. Balance: Managing multiple priorities and managing self.

Each resource I blog about is one I have tested and used personally. I do not make money on these referrals unless specifically stated in the post.

Today’s resource:

Nutrition at a Cellular Level

I lead better because my body stays healthy. Many of the vitamins and supplements on the market do not make any difference in my health. It’s time to throw most of them in the trash. There’s no system for testing and validating the quality of supplements and/or their effectiveness. Some of them, reportedly, don’t have the amount of what they claim to have in the bottle. The industry is bringing in billions of dollars with some good and some questionable products.

I’m throwing away my vitamins!

We are taking pills that really don’t feed us at a cellular level. Products are not bioavailable and are not easily assimilated in our bodies. They are missing the synergistic cofactors that make everything work. An isolate is a single nutrient that is missing the other companion nutrient to make it effective. There are so many factors to consider.

Approximately forty micronutrients are essential for normal metabolism. According to Dr. Bruce Ames, “micronutrient deficiency can mimic radiation (or chemicals) in damaging DNA by causing single- and double-strand breaks, oxidative lesions, or both,” which in turn are the root causes of most diseases. DNA damage occurs when vitamins, minerals, and food sources for these vitamins and minerals, are deficient.

In addition to preventing or repairing DNA damage, other micronutrients are needed to activate enzymes involved in important metabolic pathways that are derailed in the aging process. Yet most multivitamin supplements, even those labeled as “anti-aging,” are missing many of these key micronutrients.

I’ve been a serious student of nutrition for many years. The body of research is extensive, but only if you know where to find it. Nutritional research is very different from medical research. We need to have the combined knowledge from both of those disciplines.

Recently, I was given a month’s supply of HealthyCell Plus. There’s one pill for the morning and one for night. Almost immediately, I noticed a difference – I was able to focus better, I could sleep better, and I was energized. No other product has ever had this effect on me – ever!

Get Yours

I have arranged with the company to give you a discount. There’s a catch – you will feel better and function better, so you will want to continue taking the product. Therefore, don’t try it if you don’t want to function better.

Also, I agreed to share when there is a benefit from recommending a product or service. With each purchase, this company is making a donation to SynerVision Leadership Foundation to support its work with community organizations and religious institutions.

Click on this link to learn about the product, the research behind the product, the medical endorsements for the product, and how to get your free sample –

To get a $10 discount on a purchase, use the code HB10

The best leaders care for self in a variety of ways. Having good health is essential.

I’d like to hear about your experience with HealthyCell.


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