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The Problem

Wasted time and energy in your teams may be costing your organization thousands of dollars! Discover how Hugh’s programs can increase the effectiveness of your organization or team. Hugh has been working with leaders for over 20 years bringing focus and energy to teams strategies using the skill set he built in over 40 years as musical conductor.

The Solution

Learn concrete strategies and new leadership tools and that can be immediately applied to your situation. Hugh’s track record for transforming leaders is unparalleled.

What You Will Learn:
  • Strategies for focusing your leadership skills
  • Models for building high performance teams
  • Systems for delivering results ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Processes for getting maximum results from team meetings
  • Methods for achieving team ownership for your vision and goals
  • Solutions for success!
Here's How It Works

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Pay for the first lesson and you will receive an email with a link for the first lesson. You will receive a new lesson every 7 days for 52 weeks. Print out the lesson and put it into your Transformational Leadership Notebook. Work on the lesson on your own schedule. There are 13 modules in the course each with 4 lessons.

You will be billed once a month for 12 months. You can get a no questions asked refund within 30 days if this is not for you. You can cancel at any time and keep the lessons and bonuses.


The Definitive Leader Online Course is only $29.95 per month or a one-time payment of $297 for a full year. Register today and receive a bonus audio course and workbook on resolving team conflict: Solving Conflict Before It Happens: Building Healthy Teams. ($30 value)

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Module 1: An Introduction to Transformational Leadership
  1. Introduction to Transformational Leadership
  2. Know what you want
  3. Learn delegation
  4. Build leaders around you
Module 2: Core Values, Vision and Mission
  1. Inventory and Clarify Core Values
  2. Construct Vision and Mission Statements
  3. Strategic Leadership Values
  4. Defining Long-Term Strategic Objectives
Module 3: Setting Powerful Goals
  1. Why goals
  2. Goals and Objectives
  3. Action Plans
  4. Measurements, Evaluations and Accountabilities
Module 4: Personal Skills
  1. Comunication
  2. Listening
  3. Organizational
  4. Boundaries
Module 5: Planning and Time Management Skills
  1. Developing a system for planning and scheduling
  2. What to schedule and how to set boundaries
  3. Setting priorities
  4. Staying on track
Module 6: Visionary Strategic Planning
  1. Fundamentals behind the planning
  2. Important pieces to include
  3. Defining the implementation process
  4. Staying on track for success
Training Sub-Heading 2

Module 7: Developing and Maintaining Key Relationships
  1. Mentor
  2. Coach
  3. Mastermind Group
  4. Advocates
Module 8: Building High Performance Teams
  1. High Performance Teams/ Finding the Right People
  2. Dealing with Conflict
  3. Managing Team Process
  4. Setting Accountability Standards/Writing Performance Expectations
Training Sub-Heading 3

Module 9: Effective Team Strategies
  1. Power Meetings
  2. Delegation Skills
  3. Phone Conferences
  4. Written strategies
Module 10: Defining Strategies to Stay on Track
  1. Developing a Balanced Scorecard
  2. What to Include
  3. How to Implement
  4. What to Do With the Data
Module 11: Evaluation and Planning
  1. Evaluating Programs and Events
  2. Evaluating Personal Performance
  3. Short-Term Planning
  4. Long-Term Planning
Training Sub-Heading 4

Module 12: NOT Doing it ALL
  1. Staying in Control Without Doing it All
  2. Working Smarter not Harder
  3. Keeping Working and Personal Life in Perspective
  4. Balance in Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual
Module 13: Maintaining Balance
  1. Daily Reflections
  2. Keeping and Using a Journal
  3. Developing a Support System
  4. Enjoying the New You