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Reframing Leadership

Readers of my blog, followers on social media, email subscribers, and event attendees have many things in common…we are all Social Entrepreneurs! We don’t work for large corporations and we are changing people’s lives. It’s hard work and more often than not, we are stuck. We are stuck with great ideas and great skills and not able to impact the people who needs us the most and are not able to attract the income we deserve. Am I correct?

Well, it’s time to change that picture. I’ve been blogging and podcasting for a while sharing my reverse paradigms on leadership and defining leadership as a pathway to profit. We profit from our actions. Others profit from our actions. Profit has many dimensions, however, making income is primary if we plan to fully achieve our mission and vision.

Does This Description Resonate With You?

You are tired and frustrated because…

  1. You are quite successful, however you have hit a glass ceiling of income and expansion…Burnout
  2. You are quite successful, however you aren’t making the income you deserve…
  3. You have great ideas, however you can’t figure out how to monetize those ideas…
  4. You are working all the time and can’t get everyone done…

I get it…

I just finished a 20-city tour presenting my leadership and organizational content developed over the past 30+ years of working with charities and small businesses. I found out that in every city (20 total) people expressed the same issues and presented the same problems to address. These were and still are:

  1. Leadership Burnout! – Burnout is at a level that it effects everything…even our health!
  2. Team Underfunctioning! – The leader is doing too much and their teams, boards, staff, etc. aren’t doing enough.
  3. Lack of Sufficient Revenue! – There’s not enough profit (you know, the money left over after all expenses are paid). There simply not enough profit to fully achieve the results we envision.

I’m Hugh Ballou

The Transformational Leadership StrategistTM

I have created this blog portal for you with resources, now paradigms for thinking, and interviews with people who have cutting edge ideas and proven strategies for achieving more without wasting a lifetime trying to figure it out. I know you can most likely figure things out for yourself, however, why not shorten the process and make it easier on yourself.

I spent 40+ years as a musical conductor and have transposed the skills used every day by a musical Hugh Ballouconductor to organizational leadership so that boards, staff, and team members respond to the leader as a fine-tuned ensemble responds to every nuance of the conductor. Transformation begins with the leader, and then moves into the organization. Creating an ensemble of excellence is what Conducting Transformation is all about.

My 4 Leadership Principles are a manifestation of the context of leadership from the musical conductor’s point of view. It’s all about building a high functioning culture of excellence.

This blog has multiple resource sections. Here’s the overview of those resource channels.

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Orchestrating Success: Converting Passion to Profit 

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Business Coaching

Hugh accepts only a few personal coaching/mentoring clients. His client base is on 4 continents and all very series about personal improvement and achieving a vision for making a difference.

Hugh also manages a few mastermind groups as well. The groups are matched for discipline and stage of business or nonprofit development.

Schedule a call with Hugh below to see if either of these options are a good fit for you.

Personal Development

The effective leader stays current with skills and systems by continuous improvement. Over the past years, I have developed online programs and live events offering learning opportunities appropriate for varying levels of experience, time available, budget, and urgency for progress.

Online self-guided learning programs include:

  • The Income Accelerator: A Comprehensive System for Building and Sustaining a Profitable Enterprise in 5 Modules
    • The Life Accelerator: How to Free Yourself to Have the Life You Want
    • The Strategy Accelerator: Create A Strategy for a Profitable, Sustainable Business
    • The Leader Accelerator: Acquire the Tools, Systems, and Skills for Success
    • The Team Accelerator: Getting and Leading the Right Team
    • The Profit Accelerator: Insure that You Attract Sustainable Profit
  • The Leader Accelerator: The Fast Track to Transformational Leadership Excellence in 4 Modules
    • Foundations: Build the Plan and the Skills for Success
    • Relationships: Hire the Best and Learn to Lead the Team
    • Systems: Eliminate Inherited Bad Habits and Supercharge Your Teams
    • Balance: Getting What You Want Without Giving Up Your Life
  • Transform Your Staff (Board, Volunteers, etc.) Into High Performance Teams…in Just 21 Days! 5 Modules in 21 Days.
  • Hugh’s 5 Pillars of Success: A Mini Course for Finding the Missing Elements for Success
  • Unbound: The MasterClass  for Breaking the Barriers Holding Back Your Success


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