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Podcast 123: How to Marry Creativity and Business Acumen

Our creative juices sometimes can become our worst nightmares that lead to overwhelm, burnout, and jeopardize our well-being and relationships

Podcast 122: Government Contracts for Small Businesses

Federal Contracts are not just for the BIG COMPANIES, federal contracting is for small companies who are leaving money on the table.

Podcast 121: Scale Your Business by Following Evan’s System

Rresearch shows that 90% of businesses that fail do so because of a lack of leadership skills. Fortunately, leadership is a skill many people can learn.

Ed Krow

Podcast 120: Ed Krow on Leadership Skills and Coaching

Strategically reimagine your business environment so you can align with a talent transformation strategy and maintain harmony.

Leadership As Influence

Podcast 118: Five Leadership Myths That Kill Entrepreneurial Ventures

Rresearch shows that 90% of businesses that fail do so because of a lack of leadership skills. Fortunately, leadership is a skill many people can learn.

Leadership Challenges

Podcast 117: 5 Top Challenges for Today’s Leader

Leadership is a general topic that people understand in different ways; in fact people have contrasting and conflicting perceptions of how leaders should behave.

Make it Simple

Podcast 116: Complexity versus Simplicity

It takes quite an effort to make complex ideas simple so others can follow or know why they need you and your services. Leaders make complexity simple.


Podcast 115: Reverse Paradigms, Choosing versus Not Choosing

Choices are very important in leadership. Sometimes, paralyzed by the gravity of the choice, leaders stall and can’t decide. Not making a choice is certainly a choice.

Podcast 114: Being Emotional versus Logical Thinking

Leaders lead. The question is…do we lead with our brains or with our hearts? The transformational leader models what they want reflected in the culture.


Podcast 113: Excellence vs. Mediocracy

Strive for excellence everything in order to build the highest performing culture. The leader sets te standard and the team follows.

Podcast 112: Equality versus Excellence of Diversity

We hear lots of noise in conversations and in the media about striving for equality. That's not it. There's a better way.

Podcast 111: Leaders, Define Your Standard of Excellence

When a leader defines the vision and then sets specific goals to achieve that vision, it's important to leave a place for team members to create their strategies.


Podcast 110: Running and Leadership – Accountability

Set your goal. Share your goal. Accountability is energy. Sharing goals is the "A" for accountability in SMART goals. Hidden goals don't work.

Focus on Results

Podcast 109: Running and Leadership – Focus

On the pathway to success, there are many opportunities to quit - don't quit. Focus on the benefit, and not on the problem.

Getting Fit

Podcast 108: Running and Leadership – Getting Fit

Goals are worthless without an plan of action. Actions are consistent activities moving toward your goal. Fitness happens one day at a time over time.


Podcast 107: Leadership and Running – Goals

I lead teams. I lead meetings. I teach leaders to lead. I can see the end result, because I have defined goals clearly.


Podcast 106: Running and Leadership – Commitment

Yesterday, while running, I decided to write about the connection between running and leadership. For the next 5 days watch for leadership nuggets.

Podcast 105: Reverse Paradigms – Tradition vs. Change

Change is a fearful thought if other changes in life are too stressful. Change is not an option when there is no understanding of the value of the change.

Podcast 104 Reverse Paradigms – Script vs. Story

A basic flaw is that we recite a script rather than tell a story. People respond to a story if they see themselves as involved in the story or its emotion.

Podcast 103: Changing Self vs. Changing Others

In Bowen Systems, when the leader changes, others in the culture respond. In Transformational Leadership, the leader models what they want to see in others.

Podcast 102: Leadership Skill of Discernment

Despite all of those things I've said about leadership and collaboration, the leader is ultimately responsible for the decisions. Discernment is a key leadership skill

Do Less Be More

Podcast 101: Doing Less Gets More Done

Many problems are set up by the leader’s over-activity - talking too much, over functioning, defining all the solutions, and telling others what to do.

Create Opportunities

Podcast 100: Reverse Paradigms, Obstacles vs Opportunities

It might be time to reframe those obstacles and attempt to define a way forward. Those obstacles can become opportunities if you can rethink strategy.


Podcast 99: Reverse Paradigms, Controlling vs. Collaborating

One of the biggest traps I experience with clients is that leadership is a term not universally understood and that leaders don’t know how to lead.

Pro Active

Podcast 98: Reverse Paradigms, Responding vs. Reacting

Our reaction is to solve problems and to move ahead, rather than creating a process to respond. Responding is a thinking state, while reacting is an emotional state


Podcast 97: Reverse Paradigms, Intervening vs. Observing

Leadership is a system in which the leader builds and equips leaders in teams. Sometimes the leader needs to intervene. Sometimes the leader should observe.

Child Listening

Podcast 96: Reverse Paradigms, Talking versus Listening

As a musician, I have learned to listen, however there is listening, and there is listening with intention. We often listen without really listening for intent.


Podcast 95: Reverse Paradigms, Mindset of BOSS versus Influencer

The notion of being a boss as an effective leader is far gone. The new paradigm is that of influencer. The Transformational Leader leads with personal influence.

Business Wisdom

Podcast 94: Abe Loper Shares Business Leadership Wisdom

Basic leadership wisdom with Abe Lober, small business entrepreneur taking an old paradigm and revising it for renewed success. Take good notes.


Podcast 93: Leadership Paradigms – Secret vs. Confidential

“Don’t confuse “strict confidentiality” with “keeping employees in the dark.” Private is useful. Secretive is deceptive.” ― Stacy Feiner

Influence Leadership

Podcast 92: Leadership Paradigms – Push vs. Pull Leadership

The musical conductor is my example of an effective leader, especially when it comes to this topic of push vs. pull leadership.

Fish Jumping

Podcast 91: Leadership Paradigms – Balancing Life’s Critical Aspects

Balancing Life’s Critical Aspects Life is a promise; fulfill it.  – Mother Teresa (now Saint Teresa) Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh...


Podcast 90: Leadership Redefined: Expanding the Paradigm for Profit

Leadership Redefined: Expanding the Definition of Profit Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Get it on the...

Fish Jumping

Podcast 89: Helping LDS Lay Leaders Improve Leadership

Helping LDS Lay Leaders Take Their Ability to the Level of Their Authority Interview with Founder, Kurt Frankom Listen to the Podcast Subscribe...

Todd Tressider Financial Freedom

Podcast 88: Financial Freedom by Attracting all the Clients You Want

Financial Freedom by Attracting all the Client You Want with Todd Tresidder Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or...

The Karmic Path

Podcast 87: The Karmic Path – Living the Life of Your Choice

The Karmic Path – Living the Life of Your Choice with Tina Erwin Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on...


Podcast 86: Getting Booked as a Speaker with Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin: Getting Booked as a Speaker Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Get it on the...

Brandon Allen

Podcast 85: Keys to Building a Business by Design Vs by Default

Brandon Allen: Building a Business by Design vs by Default Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher...

Nutrition Plan

Podcast 84: Bread for the Journey – Nutritional

Feed Your Spirit, Feed Your Body Music did not reveal all of its secrets to just one person. – Ralph Vaughan Williams  ...


Podcast 83: Bread for the Journey – Physical

Effective Leadership and Physical Fitness Resonate Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn Listen to...

Team Scrabble

Podcast 82: Bread for the Journey – Relational

Leaders build and maintain healthy relationships “Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose...

Body Spirit Soul

Podcast 81: Bread for the Journey, pt 3 – Wholeness

Leaders care for the whole person  “Body, mind, spirit, voice – it takes the whole person to sing and rejoice.” – Helen Kemp  ...

Black Hands on Bible

Post 80: Bread for the Journey – Spiritual

Henri Nouwen transforms us spiritually. The Transformational Leader develops leadership skills with daily discipline.

Bread for the Journey Setting

Podcast 79: Bread for the Journey of Personal Care

“Perhaps we shall learn, as we pass through this age, that the ‘other self” is more powerful than the physical self we see...

Dave Anderson Podcast

Podcast 78: Interview with Dave Anderson, The Business Bully

Dave Anderson: The Business Bully Dave Anderson shares the wisdom about business from his book, “ Pitch, Close, Upsell, Repeat” Listen to the Podcast...


Podcast 77: Generating Leads with the Correct Marketing Message

Tom Poland: Leadsogology: Generating Leads with the Right Message Tom Poland shares the wisdom about leads from his book, “Leadsogology: The Science of...

The Power of Words

Podcast 76: Leadership Skills, Words Are Power

Words, words, words. Our society is full of words: on billboards, on television screens, in newspapers and books…. With so many words around...

Amazing Workplace Image

Podcast 75: Amazing Workplace with Linda Ruhland

Linda Ruhland shares the wisdom from her new book, "Amazing Workplace" build high performing corporate cultures.

Amazing Workplace Image

Podcast 74: Dan Clark on the Art of Significance

Dan Clark: The Art of Significance Dan Clark shares the wisdom from his best selling book, “The Art of Significance.” . Listen to...

Leader and Team

Podcast 73: A Culture is the Reflection of the Leader, Part 4

No legacy is so rich as honesty. – Shakespeare The culture is authentic, if the leader is authentic. A Culture is a Reflection...

Leader and Team

Podcast 72: A Culture is the Reflection of the Leader, Part 3

Over-functioning is irresponsible responsibility. – Murray Bowen A Culture is a Reflection of the Leader, Part 3 The leader shapes the culture with...

Leader and Team

Podcast 71: A Culture is the Reflection of the Leader, Part 2

“Perform every act in life as though it were your last.” – Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD It’s essential...

Leader and Team

Podcast 70: A Culture is the Reflection of the Leader

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound. – James Allen It’s key to develop...


Podcast 69: Leadership IS Influence, Don’t Complicate It!

Everybody has a dream. Only 3 out of every 100 people will actually do something about it. Get Hugh Ballou's tips for success.

Adam Markel Banner

Podcast 68: Interview with Adam Markel on the “Pivot” for Success

Adam Markel: The Pivot Adam Markel shares the wisdom from his best selling book, "Pivot" about how leaders make the pivot to success.


Podcast 67: Reverse Paradigms, Compromise vs. Consensus

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. – Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Perspective: Reverse Paradigms,...

Podcast 66: Interview with Sandy Papavero on Leadership Systems

Sandy Papavero on Leadership Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Get it on the iTunes store HERE. Get...


Podcast 65: The Upfront Cost of Leadership for Long-Term Value

The upfront cost of leadership is paying the upfront cost to create long-term value. There's no shortcut to success.

David Duryea

Podcast 64: Do the Right Thing with David Duryea

David Duryea: Do the Right Thing Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Get it on the iTunes...

Work Life Balance

Podcast 63: Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Are You Taking Care of Yourself? Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Get it on the iTunes...

Unbound Leader

Podcast 62: Getting Unstuck – Unlocking Leadership Potential

We Are All Stuck Somewhere Listen to the Podcast Here’s the Transcript Let’s focus on Success! That means accomplishing what we set out...

Kelli Holmes

Podcast 61: How Leaders Can Improve Networking Skills

Kelly Holmes on Networking Skill Improvement Listen to the Podcast Watch The Interview About Team Referral Network.


Podcast 60: Reverse Polarities – Must We Be Right or Wrong?

  Reverse Polarities: Must We Be Right or Wrong? It’s interesting to observe in the news accounts of politics the fact that people...

Nathan Hirsch

Podcast 59: Gaining More Time with Outsourcing

Free Up Your Time Nathan Hirsch shares his secrets about how to outsourcing to gain control of your time as a leader and...


Podcast 58: Leadership Assessment: How Do You Rate?

Leadership Assessment: How Do You Rate? Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination.

Listening is Learning

Podcast 57: Leadership Skills, Listening

“Being listened to is so close to being loved that most people cannot tell the difference.” – David Oxberg Lead by listening.


Podcast 56: Without Discernment, Leaders Fail

Without Discernment, Leaders Fail This podcast is about the focus leaders must have in order to make effective decisions and manage self Listen...


Podcast 55: Leadership Skills, Evaluation

Listen to the Podcast  Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Get it on the iTunes store HERE. Get it on Stitcher HERE.  ...

Vision Mission

Podcast 54: Leadership Is Visionary

Everybody has a dream. Only 3 out of every 100 people will actually do something about that dream by acting on the vision. Make sure you succeed!

Misfit Entrepreneur

Podcast 53: Interview with Misfit Entrepreneur Founder, Dave Lucas

Have you ever met or seen a successful entrepreneur and wondered, "What is their secret?  What do they do differently?"

Carmine Dinesco

Podcast 52: Interview with Carmine Dinesco on Products

See Carmine Dinesco’s website at The Transcription is in Process


Podcast 51: Transformational Leadership Traits, Transparency

Podcast Transcription   Subscribe to Hugh Ballou’s Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Get it on the iTunes store HERE. Get it on Stitcher HERE.    ...


Podcast 50:Transformational Leadership Traits: Delegation

Delegation is Key to Leader Freedom We are bound by our own lack of ability to delegate. Leaders must free themselves from the...


Podcast 49: 10 Tips for Being a Successful, Principled Leader

Listen to the Podcast You have inherited a lifetime of tribulation. Everybody has inherited it. Take it over, make the most of it...

Napoleon Hill

Podcast 48: The Legacy and Story of Napoleon Hill

Hugh Ballou Interviews Don Green from The Napoleon Hill Foundation The legacy of Napoleon Hill lives on through the Napoleon Hill Foundation in...

Planning Schedule

Podcast 47: 5 Steps to Effective Follow Up

We sometimes make a plan (entrepreneurs keep a lot of ideas in their minds and don't always make a written plan creating a problem.

Leader and Team

Podcast 46: Leadership Skills: Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable is a strength of leadership and not a weakness. Transformational Leadership is influence and authenticity.


Podcast 45: Leadership Skills: Observation

Observation and not control is leadership competency. Leadership is about manifestation of high quality results. Observing what's happening is a leadership.

Leigh Anne Taylor

Podcast 44: “Balance or Not!” with Leigh Anne Taylor

I’m thinking of calling my book Adrenaline as a Way of Life. Or maybe I’ll try Time: There Will Never be Enough of It, So Squander What You’ve Got.

Negative Thoughts

Podcast 43: Leadership Skills, Managing Our Negative Scripts

Hugh Ballou shares how having control over our thoughts is the only thing we truly have control over, and our thoughts control our results.

Dr. David Gruder

Podcast 42: Leadership “Shadow” Interview with Dr. David Gruder

Dr. David Gruder talks with Hugh Ballou about the leadership shadow that limits our effectiveness with tips for addressing the shadows.

Time Management

Podcast 41: Leadership Skills – Managing Our Use of Time

You will become more effective and make better use of your time as a Transformational Leader as you focus on managing yourself.


Podcast 40: 5 Signs That It’s Time to Invest in Your Leadership Skills

Being or becoming an effective leader means being a serious student of leadership and not being a leadership expert.

George Fraser

Podcast 39: Interview with Dr. George Fraser on Transitions

Amazing interview with George Fraser, founder of FraserNet, the largest African-American Network anywhere.


Podcast 38: Leadership Skills, Being and Staying Centered

Being centered means managing self. The Transformational Leader creates high functioning, high performing cultures by influence. - Hugh Ballou

Communication Chart

Podcast 37: Leadership Skills: Communication

Build good habits and skills for personal communication. Inspire others by your caring actions. This is a process that will take time, but it is worth it


Podcast 36: Leadership Skills: Embracing Opposites

...what appears to be the resisting or opposing force is never actually the problem to be overcome.  Cynthia Bourgault Learn to embrace opposites.


Session 35: Leadership Skills: Communication is Relationship

We constantly focus on communication as an isolated process, when, in fact, it's related to how we relate to others. - Hugh Ballou


Podcast 34: Leadership Skills: Asking the Right Questions

Leaders perceive that they must always have the right answers, when in fact it's more important to have good questions. - Hugh Ballou


Podcast 33: Leadership Resources – Personal Growth

Effective leaders are focused on continuing improvement by constantly working on their personal skills development.


Podcast 32: Leadership Skills: Setting Powerful Goals that Work

Setting Powerful Goals that Work Everybody talks about goals and few know how to create effective systems for those goals to actually work....


Podcast 31: Leadership Resources: Facilitation Tool – Problem Solving

5 Steps to Effective Problem Solving The old habit of identifying a problem and then immediately attempting to define a solution is a habit...


Podcast 30: 5 Perilous Practices That Take Good Leaders Down

5 Perilous Practices That Take Good Leaders Down It’s hard enough to lead without setting up failure. Here are 5 practices that will...

Myth and Facts

Podcast 29: 5 Leadership Power Myths

5 Leadership Power Myths The scripts that are active in our minds are the lies that hold us back from effective leading. It’s time to...

Mind Traps

Podcast 28: 5 Leadership Mindset Myths That Kill Ventures

Our thinking controls our results. All too often, we allow the circumstances to control how we think. We give energy to what we think about.


Podcast 27: 5 Leadership Gaps that Set Up Failure

Defining the gaps in skills and experience is the most important step to effective leadership. Knowing self is the key to personal success.

Leadership Limits

Podcast 26: 5 Inherited Leadership Myths that Limit Effectiveness

We are limited by what we have been taught and by what we have inherited. It's time to release those limits on our effectiveness.


Podcast 25: Smart Leadership Decisions #5: Learning Effective PR

Effective PF is the key to successful funding and volunteer recruitment. Cheryl Conner shares secrets for effective communications and publicity.

Bill Sierle

Podcast 24: Smart Leadership Decisions #4:Managing Conflict

Managing conflict is a struggle for many leaders, especially those working with "volunteers." Leaders evildoing dealing with conflict makes things worse.

Justin Recla

Podcast 23: Smart Leadership Decisions #3: Background Checks

This interview showed me new ways I have left the open for problems with people. It's a game changer! Get ready to take notes!

Gaydon Leavitt

Podcast 22: Smart Leadership Decisions #2: Effective Marketing

Gaydon Leavitt shares his secrets for effective marketing to let the world know why thy need you. Be ready to take notes!

Shannon Gronich

Podcast 21: Smart Leadership Decisions #1: Getting Free Publicity

With this podcast, I had my eyes opened to how I have been creating press releases all wrong! Get ready to take notes! There's a lot to learn.

Job Description

Podcast 20: Stupid Leadership Traps #3: The Job Description

Of all the dysfunctional systems in organizations, the top one on my list is the annual review and next is the JOB DESCRIPTION!

Annual Review

Podcast 19: Stupid Leadership Traps #3: The Annual Review

One of the most dysfunctional activities in organizations is the annual review. So, why wait for a full year to give feedback?

Leading vs Managing

Podcast 18: Stupid Leadership Traps #2: Managing vs. Leading

Managing people fits an autocratic leadership style and not a transformational leadership style. It can be a form of over functioning.

Boring Meeting

Podcast 17: Stupid Leadership Traps #1, Bad Meetings

The number one killer of team energy is the boring, unproductive meeting. It's time to say, "No more boring meetings!"

Jeff Magee Logo

Podcast 16: Leadership Interview with Dr. Jeff Magee

Jeff Magee, Speaker, Author, Leadership Trainer, shares insights on topics giving the advantage of his years of experience and decades of wisdom.

Cal Turner, Jr.

Podcast 15: Legacy Interview with Cal Turner, Jr.

Cal Turner, Jr., inherited the position of President and Chairman of Dollar General from his father, who founded the company. Cal's story is Awesome!

Frank Shankwitz

Podcast 14: Legacy of Make a Wish Foundation

Frank Shankwitz share the story of what inspired him to start the Make a Wish Foundation. I promise that his story will bring tears to your eyes.

My Brother Elvis

Podcast 13: Legacy Interview with David Stanley on His Brother Elvis

David Stanley knew Elvis Presley because they were step-brothers. This story is about a side of Elvis that most people never knew.

Podcast 12: Transforming Your Leadership Skills with Ed Krow

Ed Krow is the Talent Transformation Expert for businesses looking to achieve 8 figure growth.

Berny Dohrmann

Podcast 11: Interview with Berny Dohrmann

Berny Dohrmann is the author of Diamond Heart, Money Magic, and Super Achievers, he is also the inventor of Super Teaching™

Roberta Gilbert

Podcast 10: Interview with Dr. Roberta Gilbert. MD

Knowing and managing self is the key to effective leadership. Dr. Roberta Gilbert teaches the system developed by Murry Bowen.

Bowen Theory

Podcast 09: Identify What Blocks a Leader’s Success, Pt 2

The effective Transformational Leader creates a culture of high performing leaders, just as the musical conductor creates a high performing ensemble.

Bowen Theory

Podcast 08: Identify What Blocks a Leader’s Success, Pt 1

The effective Transformational Leader creates a culture of high performing leaders, just as the musical conductor creates a high performing ensemble.

Brand Twist Banner

Podcast 07: Branding Interview with Julie Cottineau

Julie Cottineau is the Founder and CEO of BrandTwist, a brand consultancy group that helps entrepreneurs and corporations build better, profitable brands.

5 Pillars of Success

Podcast 06: 5 Pillars of Success

Here are the 5 essential elements for building a sustainable, profitable enterprise, either a business or a charity. Leaving out only one of the 5 pillars, will compromise the ultimate success of the...

Nascar Team

Podcast 05: Build a High Functioning Culture

The team is a reflection of the leader, therefore in order to have a high functioning team, it's imperative that the leader models excellence.

Time to Plan

Podcast 04: Create Your Plan for Success

Effective leaders begin with the creation of a strategic plan drawing a roadmap for a successful journey. Start with a plan. There are NO exceptions!


Podcast 03: Hugh Ballou’s 4 Success Principles

I'm excited about sharing my success principles with you that I have developed in over 30 years of working with leaders.


Podcast 02: Forecasting the Future and Making it Happen

Future Forecasting if the duty and delight of the leader. This skill will attract the energy for sustainable success. Envision the future and make it happen.

Redefining Leadership

Podcast 01: Orchestrating Success – Redefining Leadership

There is more than one way to define profit. We can't ignore the financial definition, however. This podcast os about redefining leadership as a pathway to profit.